Tangshou Academy

Welcome to our newly started martial arts school in Sao Paulo. We provide training in various East Asian martial arts for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. 


The classes focus on functional combat training as well as training for the purpose of personal development and wellbeing.


Our concept is unique for Brazil. Through the training you will learn traditional martial arts that have been passed down to us by some of the most prominent masters of modern times.

The name "Tangshou" (唐手) referred in old times to various martial arts with Chinese origins on Okinawa.
We provide training in martial arts developed at Okinawa (Budo) as well as more significant Chinese martial arts.

Featured Classes


Taijiquan (Tai chi chuan) is considered one of the most sophisticated styles, practiced at our Academy. The method of Taiji Quan is strongly related to ancient Chinese taoistic (Dao) concepts and ideas.


Tai chi brings great health benefits but is also an advanced system of martial arts. The Tai ji Quan training includes partner drills and pushing-hands exercises.


Bagua is a martial art related to the concept and theories of the ancient Chinese Classic “Yijing” (I Ching). One feature of the bagua-training is to develop the ability to use the body as one moving limb (often described as how a snake or a dragon moves, therefore sometimes referred to as a “dragon body”). The characteristics of baguazhang is constant movement and change, and the ability to fight while being on the move.

Xingyi quan

Xingyi quan (hsing-i ch’uan) is the oldest and the most explosive and aggressive of the neijia (internal martial arts). Xing Yi is a simple method to build up explosive movements and to develop a correct and solid body structure.

The characteristic’s of Xing Yi is to overwhelm the opponent, in a burst of power, while using the body as whole unit. The techniques practiced in Xingyi are typically attacks and blocks performed simultaneously.

Qigong & Zhan zhuang

All styles at our Academy include the training of Qigong (Chi Kung). Qigong is a method that is practiced in order to teach the body of the practitioner how to move in a natural and relaxed way.

The qigong is practiced through circular movements by using natural body mechanics and breathing methods. The training will enhance the flow of your moments and build a naturally strong body structure.


Traditional Karate-do and budo-training at our Academy is a complete system consisting of three different but yet integrated training methods: Form-training (kata), technique training and fight-training. 

The Shito-ryu karate style we practice was developed on Okinawa. The training builds up basic strength, body conditioning and flexibility. The training also aims to develop fighting spirit and basic skills. 

Read more about Karate at World Karate Federation (WKF) website.

Practice for self-defense

The combat training we offer is taught in many different ways. Depending on what our students want, we do classes in everything from non aggressive taichi drills to full-speed sparring (kumite).

Many traditional techniques we teach are designed for pure self-defense.

Through the training you will get mentally strong and build up ability to avoid confrontation.

Develop health and peace

After some time of training at our academy you will find yourself being more relaxed than before you joined the academy.

Our training brings joy and health to daily life and after the classes you will be full of energy. 

Better sleep and better concentration are some of the instant gains that our students typically benefit from the training.

The benefits of training at Tangshou Academy


We offer mental training that is of great importance for martial arts and also cultivates good mental benefits for life in general. The training also gives practical understanding based on traditional Chinese concepts, such as: Dao (tao), Yinyang, I ching (Yijing), Confucianism and traditional Chinese medicine.

Customized training

Everyone is welcome to start training at our school, but not everyone learns martial art the same way. Each student will get a slightly different training plan that fits the needs of each student. Of course the training is also designed to suit what each student wants to focus on. This training is for you!

Combat and applications

Some of the movements in our Martial Arts may be beautiful to look at and may also be performed in a rather artistic way. However, the training at our school is combat-focused and is not taught primarily for any aesthetic purpose. Every movement can be used in combat. The training (including the internal styles; Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi) focuses on developing fighting ability (if that is the student’s goal)


Our training gives amazing and proven health benefits, relieves stress and brings happiness and meaning to daily life. We offer lifelong learning and development that start from the first day of training!

Body conditioning

Through our training you will develop a strong, flexible, hard but yet relaxed body. After 1 year of hard training your body will have been transformed into a completely different shape.

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