My name is Jacob Bartoletti, I’m a Swedish martial artist who live in Sao Paulo. All the classes offered at Tangshou Academy are taught by me.

I started my martial art studies as a child in Sweden, where I trained traditional Karate for Sensei Per-Ola Olsson. I have been practicing and developing my martial art’s skills ever since. For instance, I have spent considerable time training and living with different masters in both China and Japan.

Through the years I have been a close and longterm disciple to some of the greatest masters of modern time in both Karate (Yoshimi Inoue) and Tai chi, Bagua, Xingyi (Han Yanwu, An Jianqiu and Wang Yanji). Although I teach traditional martial arts, I also have profound experience of modern competitions in both fighting and form (Kata and Taolu).

As a result from training martial arts, full time (elite training) for many years. I have managed to win titles such as Swedish champion in both Karate and Tai chi. My curriculum also cover several awards in international competitions.

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